Today's contact lenses are more comfortable, convenient and affordable than ever. With so many different lens choices available nowadays for almost any type of visual correction, more people can wear them including those with astigmatism and presbyopia. Whatever your needs, we stock the latest in contact lens technology and our staff will take the time to choose the right lens for you, by taking into account your lifestyle and visual needs.

Trying contact lenses at theofanidesvision is very easy!

Our highly qualified eye care professionals will firstly provide an eye examination and thorough contact lens consultation to ensure that contact lenses will be suitable for you.

Following the consultation, our contact lens practitioners will discuss with you the various lens options and will offer you information, advice and practical tips about buying and wearing contact lenses. At the first visit they will fit you with trial contact lenses and will then teach you lens handling and how to take care of your contact lenses. At the following check-up visit which is usually 2-3 days after the initial fit, we will check your visual acuity, the fitting of the lenses and make any necessary alterations if required.

Our contact lens specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have about healthy contact lens wear.

How much does the contact lens assessment and trial fit cost?

Free! There is no charge for the assessment or the contact lens trial fit.


Contact Lens Choices

At theofanidesvision we carry one of the largest 'in-store' contact lens portfolios in Europe, which means that in most instances you can collect your contact lenses on the spot.

theofanidesvision recommends contact lenses and lens care products from Bausch + Lomb, one of the world's best known and most respected healthcare companies. Explore and find out more about Bausch + Lomb's products simply by clicking on the logo below.


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