Today's modern lifestyle means that the eyes are put under more strain than ever before with highly demanding visual tasks such as prolonged computer work, driving and even watching television. Having a regular thorough eye examination is the only way to ensure healthy eyes and best vision possible.


Eye examination

The eye examination not only checks the visual state of your eyes and your ability to see clearly, but it is a vital health check as it can early identify other ocular and general health conditions.

At theofanidesvision we recommend a regular eye examination at least every two years unless advised otherwise.


What to expect during an eye examination?


The optometrist will ask you a few questions about your vision, general health, family health, work and lifestyle. Your answers will give our optometrist a clear understanding of your eyes and personal needs.


Then your eyes will be examined for the following:

  1. Unaided vision quality
  2. Visual acuity
  3. Retinoscopy / Autorefraction
  4. Snellen Refraction
  5. Oculomotor balance
  6. Ophthalmoscopy
  7. Intraocular pressure
  8. Slit lamp examination


Tests for depth perception and color vision deficiency may be performed if required.


After the eye examination all the results will be explained to you, and if visual correction is required the optometrist will discuss the various options with you.


Vision correction explained



Emmetropia is the normal condition where light from a distant object forms an image on the retina



In a myopic eye, light from a distant object forms an image in front of the retina



In a hypermetropic eye, light from a distant object forms an image behind the retina



In an astigmatic eye, light from a distant object does not focus exactly on the retina, but at two separate points



This is a natural condition where the eye gradually loses its ability to focus on near objects


Specialized Services

  • Advanced fitting of custom-made contact lenses
  • Prosthetic contact lenses
  • Artificial eye prosthesis


Above services are subject to a professional charging fee

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